The Kingdom Legacy Project

Front view of Santuary/Discipleship Training center/
Sky View of Entire Facility
3 Bed room International Visitors House
Office and Recording Studio
Children Developmental Center

Thank you to everyone who has invested in making this project an absolute reality.

We prayed for a land, we believed and through yiur generous giving we have it. Now we need your help to build this Kingdom project.

Our building engineer has delivered on his promises to do this work. You will find the pictures and structural work.

This whole work is being down on our 2 plots of land. After long discussion of our plan with the engineer  we have decided to move the plan of our orphanage to the one plot of land. Which will be SERVE as our  FARM and Orphanage.

The Construction of the facility is by Gordon Global Construction COMPANY.

Here is where we need you :

The total quotation to deliver on this project is about forty Thousand US dollars (40,000 usd). Approximately 20 million naira.

A break down of quotations will be provided on request.

Your support is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Be blessed.

House of Israel Nigeria



A certain clergyman fell into immorality and financial misconduct, and was finally about to be exposed. One night the Lord appeared to him and told him, ” I will give you grace to choose one out of these three options: 1) To lose your ministry, 2) To lose my Presence or 3) To lose your marriage.”

1. LOSING HIS MINISTRY: The man thought to himself, “How can I lose a ministry I have spent 40 years to build? Where will I start from? How can I lose this crowd of about hundred thousand? The world will see it and laugh at me.”

2. LOSING HIS MARRIAGE: The man thought to himself, “I can’t stand my wife leaving me, the whole world will see it, I love her so much.”

3. LOSING GOD’S PRESENCE: The man thought to himself, “I think I can get away with losing God’s presence, I get to have the news of adultery covered. I can’t sacrifice my ministry I have worked too hard for it, I can’t sacrifice my marriage, let me sacrifice God’s presence.”

Seven years after he sacrificed God’s presence the pastor appeared to be doing well, his church kept on growing, his marital relationship seem to be sweeter. Life appeared smooth.

Suddenly, in the eighth year everything began to die, his world began to fall apart, his sins was discovered and exposed. As a result he lost the ministry and eventually his wife divorced him for his infidelity. Abandoned in shame and ridicule he had forgotten his error of rejecting God’s presence. He turned again to the Lord whose Presence he denied, and cried out, “I have lost everything.”

YeHoVaH said to him, “You lost everything eight years ago when you rejected the one thing that holds and brings everything- My Presence. If you had lost everything else and kept my Presence, you would still have had it restored, irrespective of the consequence. Rejecting My Presence opened every door to Satan into your heart. You left My covering. You have traded gold for brass. My servant you have made the greatest mistake.”

Prayer: YeHoVaH, today we recommit to seek and value your holy Presence. Like Adam and Eve however way we have missed it through disobedience help us not to hide from You. All we desire today is Your manifest Presence!

Breaking Negative Patterns


This may be one of the most crucial articles you have ever read. The Lord told me, “Its time to break negative patterns; I will help you identify them BUT you must break them!”

“Certain situations of our lives are not the devil, curses or demons they are simply “patterns” of behavior which supports and enhances the activity of the devil. The devil may not be the cause of your laziness, bad spending habits, perpetual failure and disappointment in your work or marriage your poor patterns of behavior might just be, and since it is enhancing his grips over your life he capitalizes on it to enslave you”.

The Lord whispered the word “Negative patterns” into my EARS and as I meditated on it, I began to see how the devil has been oppressing God’s children. The greatest victory is not deliverance from Egypt rather it is deliverance from the negative patterns Egypt has formed in us.”

Moses can get you out of Egypt but You must get Egypt out of yourself. And the process of getting Egypt out of you is God’s ultimate victory. The greatest evil is not being in slavery in Egypt, but the evil Egypt does to our soul. You can break free from Egypt in one day, but it takes a life time to break free from the negative patterns Egypt has formed in you. I have been asking myself why is it that many believers still live defeated lives despite the prayer, fasting and deliverance routine. Some of you reading this article have had demons cast out of you yet your life is still no better. Its 10 years after the demon left yet your life is worse off. What nobody told you is that there are negative patterns in your life that is causing your life to go in the direction it is going. Negative patterns keep us bound to the past affliction we have been delivered from.

When God delivers us from the curses, yokes, and oppressions we have been held by and we continue living with the same pattern that led to the poverty our lives will look as if the demons are still present in our lives. Negative pattern brings poverty and empowers the enemy of our soul. Patterns are mode, methods, models and outline of life that produce an end result. Patterns produce the desired result in our lives. Every pattern we follow consistently we produces the result consistent with it. Some people have the pattern of carelessness, procrastination, never keeping a relationship, going late to work, to church or a job interview, sleeping too much, laziness, talking too much, spending too much and so on.

These pattern of behavior produces poverty and powerlessness even though God may have given you the power and ability to live a greater level of life. The pattern of life you have created will determined the level of life you will experience.


The reason why your life seem bound to the past curses Messiah has delivered you from is because you are still adopting the same pattern of behavior that brought the curses. The Bible says that God has delivered you from the dominion of darkness and has translated us into the kingdom of his Son.


To enjoy new experience we must formulate new pattern of behavior that aids the Holy Spirit to function effectively in you. Some pattern are hindering and limiting. It is hard to make a man who has built a negative pattern see the help you have made available to him. Even though all that is required to change your life has been given to you negative patterns hide them from you. Have you ever tried being nice to a pig? You got for it good clothe and tie and your polish it to look beautiful but in the next minutes its in the mud. You thought to yourself what? Yes! The pig’s nature has an inbuilt pattern that decide its actions. Redemption changed our sin nature and has an inbuilt pattern that the new man is to live by. Unfortunately, after redemption most of us live the pattern of our old nature. When you are used to the pattern of uncleanness, or laziness no matter what is given to you to help you gets clean or hardworking it will not change you until you come to the realization that your behavior has formed “a pattern” in you that needs to be broken.


Negative patterns blinds us to the careless way we have been living until we come to a realization. The prodigal son almost lost himself until he came to his sense and the negative pattern driving his life in a downward spiral condition was broken. Certain situations of our lives are not the devil, curses or demons they are simply “patterns” of behavior which supports and enhances the activity of the devil. The devil may not be the cause of your laziness, bad spending habits, perpetual failure and disappointment in your work or marriage your poor patterns of behavior might just be, and since it is enhancing his grips over your life he capitalizes on it to enslave you. The prodigal son did not blame the devil or a curse he simply came to his sense. Its time to ask ourselves bitter question like, “why is my life revolving in the same direction?” Why are mine still broke and confused at 30? Why are mine in the 10th relationship?” Is it the devil? Is it a curse? Or is it just me?”
Only after asking these questions can you come to your sense and be free. The devil keeps us captive by preventing us to see the negative patterns destroying our lives and making us blame others for our misfortunes. We need to pray and ask the Lord to reveal any negative patterns hidden by Satan and is being used to limit me.


It will help us further if we can ask the Holy Spirit and those closest to us to spot the negative patterns they observe in us. The Holy Spirit will show us certain negative patters and provide us with the ability to stop them. To break subtle negative patterns that have hindered us we must be prepared to embrace the responsibility to embrace better and higher pattern of behaviors. We might be surprise that as we ask these question we might be told, “we worry too much”,” talk too much”, “you are too lazy and hard to get along with.” Then that is an indication its time to replace them with new and positive pattern.

Idolatrous Lies Exposed!!!

It is popularly said, “There is only one God and we all have different ways to reach Him.”
This world view is behind the spirit of traditional worship, ecumenism and syncretism.
Also it is said, “Every community and people groups has its OWN name for God.” This sounds true to the naive heart. But a deep look at scripture reveals otherwise. There is an increasing rise of African Traditional Religion movement, and the central mantra is to bring African back to their roots, or to the African ‘god’, whom they teach the West discarded when they brought in Christianity. Lot of people are beginning to turn their back on the church to embrace traditional worship.Most people within the Igbo church have no issues calling or serving 'Jesus' and 'Amadioha'.

Amadioha is the god/arusi (deities)of thunder and lightning of the Igbo people of south eastern Nigeria. He is first and foremost known as a god of justice. Amadioha who is a god is claimed to be the son of Chineke. And Chineke (Creator) by many igbos is introduced as the God of Scriptures (error) How about Chukwu?
In the Igbo pantheon, Chukwu is the source of all other ‘Igbo deities’ and is responsible for assigning them their different tasks. The Igbo people believe that all things come from Chukwu, who brings the rain necessary for plants to grow and controls everything on Earth and the spiritual world. They believe Chukwu to be an undefinable omnipotent and omnipresent supreme deity that encompasses everything in space and space itself.

The same with most ‘Christian Yorubas’ who call on ‘Jesu’ and ‘Orunmila’ (the god of wisdom, knowledge, and omniscience).
Let me shift a bit before I go further. The Yoruba ethic groups in Nigeria claim to call ‘God’- ‘Olodumare’. Even Yoruba ‘Christians call him the same. But there is problem. In the Yoruba traditional word it hold the belief of seven Pantheon, here are their names: Elegua (Eledua) , Obatala, Ogun, Shango, Yemaya, Oshun, and Orunmilla. These Pantheons are called’ Orisha’.
The orisha (spelled òrìṣà in the Yoruba language) are spirits sent by Olodumare (don’t forget they claim Olodumare is God) for the guidance of all creation and of humanity in particular, on how to live and be successful on Earth.

Among these Pantheo Ṣàngó is viewed as the most powerful and feared of the orisha pantheon. He casts a “thunderstone” to earth, which creates thunder and lightning, to anyone who offends him.

These was the foundation of African Traditional Worship before Christianity made these Pantheons irrelevant. Today, an ongoing Revival of these Pantheons is happening and they now are placed side by side with ‘Christian Jesus’ . The Vatican (the Pope), and some Protestant now accommodate, approve the unity of these Pantheons with their Christian Religious faith.

Micha 4:5
For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of YeHoVaH our Elohim for ever and ever.

The construction in Micah 4:5 reveals that nations have always and will always be identified by their gods. But their god, even if it’s Amadioha, chineke, Chukwu, Sango, Orunmila MUST not be mistaken for the Almighty Elohim. Christianity insufficiently tried to establish the existence of one Ultimate God of the universe, why denying the reality of these Pantheons these nations walked in.
Christianity failed. How? It told these people group ‘it was the same god’ they brought but they (the nations) worshiped Him wrongly, they misunderstood Paul ‘Unknown god’ speech on Mars Hill. It was not the same God, and these nations did know the Pantheons they worshipped.

Our Elohim is distinct and Holy! He has a name that is distinct. A Name Revealed in Torah! The Messiah has a Name that is distinct. A name exalted above every name, ‘Yeshua’.
Do you leave an exalted Name to call ‘Chukwu, chineke, sango’, unexalted name. Because your forefathers told you it was the same ‘God’.

YeHoVaH our Elohim, should not be reference as the Jewish god, or seen as the God of the Israelite. He is sufficiently revealed in Scriptures as the True, One and Only Elohim of the Universe.

Apostle Ndubuisi Eke
House of Israel Nigeria.

Conversation decides relationship!

Who is closest to you? Someone whose conversations or speech carries the grace and seasoning you love. I am drawn to people who speak my language of Kingdom. Our conversations are similar. If you want relationship with certain people you cannot force it, it happens naturally through the Law of conversation.
When you find who speaks your language you have found your next companion.

How did Jonathan and David’s relationship began? It was after Jonathan heard David’s conversation with his father.

When he [David] had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” 1 Samuel 18:1

So, fill your conversation with grace and seasoned with Salt. Because certain divine connection will not happen until they hear you talk!

Will You Be Found Wanting?

Will You Be Found Wanting?

Tekel (means “weighed”): You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. –Daniel 5:27, New International Version

This is the writing that was inscribed: ‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.’ 26  “This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE: God has COUNTED your kingdom, and brought it to an end. 27  TEKEL: you are WEIGHED in the balances, and are found wanting. 28  PERES: your kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.” Daniel 5:25-28

The Father is weighing our lives during this Harvest Season , “You are being weighed”.
The powerful truth we see in the life of this pagan king, was that Elohim ‘counted’ his kingdom, but ‘weighed’ him. The result of the weighing was that the king was empty, he didn’t measure up, he was deficient. Consequentially, YeHoVaH divided his kingdom.
   Our Kingdom, our ministry, our lives, is sustained by our weight. Those who build a great business, ministry and life in the Kingdom of men but weigh nothing in the Kingdom of YeHoVaH will eventually have to suffer lose when God starts counting.


As part of our mandate to educate, we will be aiming toward re-educating, Discipling and raising an emerging levels of leaders, established leaders, and those in the process of making the transition to the True Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Father wants this Institute to work with. It will be opened to all denominations. It is the answer to the biblical iliteracy and ignorance of the 21st century church. Using our first class Discipleship Training Curriculum /Work book courses and Curriculum we will helping students students gain an enriching experience, traditions and religious free education

Study will be done under a condusive atmosphere with cutting edge equipments to help students gain a better understanding of the Kingdom of YeHoVaH.

The Institute will be situated at our International Headquarters.


Yesterday I was given a prophetic word for the season. Suddenly, I was reminded again!

Son, I heard the Father say to me, “Do you know I have a sickness free plan for My family?”
Many have accepted sickness as a ‘normal way of life. Even those I have bless with finances never move to the next level of My blessing,’ A sickness free life. ‘ I am releasing finances, I am blessing the bread and water of My children who have been serving Me. But, one thing is missing– their children are sick, their wives are sick, the husbands are sick, the mothers and father are still sick. Sickness have not been taking from among them yet. Many of  those who serve Me do not yet experience this. This is My plan, Would you accept it?? “” “


The Shunammite story is about how God reaches out to people whose hopes are dead. It’s a story of a woman who felt her case was closed and how God reopened her case. It’s a story of how the things you feel you will never have because of the disappointments and delays you have been through are the things God will resurrect!
Through the Shunammite generosity she opened the door to a man who becomes God’s key to open the door of barrenness for her.
When you have waited for a particular thing and nothing seem to change. When you have prayed for it, fasted for it, believed for it, sowed for it, yet nothing changes your hopes gradually dies.
The Shunammite hopes of having a child was dead. Even when Elisha told her she was going to have a child, she told him not to lie to her. She is tired of another prophecy, another prayer, another preacher saying things will change but it never does. She pleads with Elisha not to touch that part of her life:

And Elisha said, At this time in the coming year you will have a son in your arms. And she said, No, my lord, O man of God, do not say what is false to your servant” 2 Kings 4:16

Yet she conceived and had a son at the time Elisha said she would. Her hope was resurrected and given birth to.

But that wasn’t all, the devil the thief of hope creeps in and kills her child. Often what we have waited and hoped for is the same the devil will attempt to steal from us.
The devil doesn’t want you living with your hope.
The boy grew and one day he went out to see his father who was with the harvest workers.

19 He said to his father, “My head! My head!” His father told a servant, “Carry him to his mother.”

20 So he picked him up and took him to his mother. He sat on her lap until noon and then died.”


This time the Shunammite is prepared to fight for her hope. She places the boy on Elisha’s bed. The bed of hope. The bed of generosity. The bed she gave to God’s servant becomes significantly a place of restoration.

As the child laid on the bed of hope, she goes in hot pursuit of Elisha, the man of hope. At this point, the Shunammite have become a woman of hope. In the face of her loss, she declares, “IT IS WELL!””
People of hope see differently, they believe where others fear!
When she got to Elisha, she grabbed a hold of his feet.

But when she reached the prophet on the mountain, she grabbed hold of his feet. Gehazi came near to push her away, but the prophet said, “Leave her alone, for she is very upset. The LORD has kept the matter hidden from me; he didn’t tell me about it.” vs 27

To lay hold of the knees or feet has always been thought in the East to add force to supplication, and is practiced even at the present day. It also means to hold another responsibility for an action.

Then she tells the prophet: “”My master, I did not ask you for a son’, she said. ‘I said to you, “Do not cause me to hope (for a son).” Vs 28

She holds tenaciously to Elisha, compelling him, obligating him, demanding him to go resurrect her child of hope. She was directly telling him, “I am going no where, I am not following Gehazi your servant. You must go yourself.”

And the mother of the child said, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. And he arose, and followed her” Vs 30

Like the Shunammite you must hold tenaciously to God. And refuse to let Him go, until He breathes life back to anything dead in your life.


Hannah prayed one of the greatest prayer ever uttered:

“”She vowed a vow, and said, “LORD of hosts, if you will indeed look on the affliction of your handmaid, and remember me, and not forget your handmaid, but will give to your handmaid a son, THEN I WILL SET HIM BEFORE YOU AS A GIFT until the day of his death. And he will not drink wine or strong drink, d and no razor will come on his head.”” 1 Samuel 1:11

Hannah’s story starts with her pain, it starts with her disgrace… But it doesn’t end that way. Hannah is loved by her husband, yet the one thing she wanted the most is denied from her. Hannah is barren!

To make matters worse the writer of 1 Samuel records that, ” Her rival taunted her severely, to irritate her, because the LORD had shut up her womb” 1 Samuel 1:6

Hannah lived with a stigma only few woman, if not all woman cannot cope with; barrenness. She is mocked, and she is laughed at.

But the beautiful thing about Hannah was that her pain drove her to Elohim. Her pain gave her direction. Her pain taught her one great lesson, “When you give back what you want most to Elohim, Elohim gives you the best.”

In the womb of this seemingly barren woman was a prophet. Hidden deep inside Hannah was Samuel, one of Israel’s greatest prophet.

When Hannah no longer needed a child for herself, when she lost her self centred motivation. When her source of joy shifted from desiring a child because a woman is ‘supposed‘ to have a child, to wanting a child to serve Elohim’s purpose, YeHoVaH opened her womb.

Hannah’s pain push her to Elohim

When you only want a child for yourself, when you only want a ministry for yourself, when you want a husband for yourself, God may leave our womb closed. Because He doesn’t bless your personal agenda.

Whatever you want you must want it for God. If you keep self centred traits rooted within your hearts God may keep your womb locked up.

When Hannah vowed to give back to God what she needed the most. God opened her womb.

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