Apostle Ndubuisi Eke tells us that the beautiful thing about sanctification is that the Holy Spirit exposes our deep seated darkness. And one of the darkness we all have to allow the holy Spirit do a surgical work on is personal insecurity!
    From the outset of Yeshua’s ministry His personal security button was properly placed. Yeshua never looked for people’s approval, neither did He draw personal identity from His successes. His fundamental self compass was ruled from within. He never needed what public opinion, popular voices were saying about Him to determine His life.

Yeshua seem to know His worth was rooted in His relationship with the Father, not in His successes.

In Mark 5:43, after the resurrection of Jairus daughter, you would have thought Yeshua would call for CNN,  post it on Facebook, or on Instagram. Instead what did Yeshua do, “He strictly ordered that no one should know about this and told them to give her something to eat.”

Yeshua security was not rooted in His success. And His increase in ministry was not rooted in public opinion, but in His submission to the Father!

“But Yeshua, perceiving that, withdrew from there. Great  crowds followed him, and he healed them all, and *lcommanded them that they should not make him known.” Matthew 12:15-16

Often self promotion is the root of insecurity. And we will never see true revival until we learn not to take God’s glory for ourselves.

Yeshua avoided publishing His success as a medium to increase followership or gain acceptance. As a matter of fact the more Yeshua influence grew the more careful He became about popularity. The more He acted more in secrecy.

In what way have your life been governed by personal insecurity? In what way have you done things to seek public praise? Do you do your act of charity publicly so men can praise you? Is how people see you more important than how God see you?
   If God was to raise the dead through you, can you like Yeshua keep it silent? Or will you rush to make a YouTube video from it? Are you seeking to build the kingdom or your own success?



Everyone is born unique until they meet the thief of uniqueness, who steals from them their most precious gift; their uniqueness!
Many people have lost their uniqueness, they have surrendered to wandering lives, fearful life, and a crowded life. They have blended in.
The thief of uniqueness is one thief we often don’t look out for, or safeguard our hearts from. The thief of uniqueness can be your parent, your teachers, or even your intimidating controlling pastors.
There is no finger prints exactly like yours! No voice are exactly like yours. There is a contribution only you were born to make. But the day you meet the thief of uniqueness, he steals all these from you!

Five ways the thief of uniqueness operate:

1. It works by telling You, you are not good enough.
2.It works through intimidation and the fear of man.
It works by making you seek human approval and acceptance.
It works through childhood trauma and abuse.
It uses the negative voice of someone in authority to steal your confidence.

A Call to Give

Shalom Friends and Partners,

Welcome to the Season of Change and time of transition. As we enter into the Biblical New Year, after an intense time of seeking divine instruction I feel I have a message for you my partner.


We need your help, we want you to support us. We want to acquire a ministry land for House of Lagos, so we can build and own a property that frees us from ‘yearly rentage payments.’ We have looks at various options and the land are available waiting for us.

Our vision is for House of Israel Lagos to move to its own property.

Dream Big! You can do great things!

By assisting us to acquire lands, to build HOI worship Center, recording studio, ministry office, orphanage and a missions guest house to accommodate our international partners who visit Nigeria.

Think of what difference you can make

Visiting Nigeria, visiting House of Israel Nigeria we have a place for you. Consider this our HOME!

  • A plot of land cost around 1.5-1.8 million naira approximately $2800 – $3000 USD
  • You can doni
  • 2 plots of land will cost about $6000
  • C of O (Certificate of Occupation title) and survey will cost additional $1000

You can give a one-time donation, or spread it quarterly.

You can give for one plot, or as the Father leads you.


House of Israel Nigeria will produce quality food and water. In this time when all the market offers is chemical, modified food, and polluted water. This is a strong aspect of Kingdom enterprise for us. Our land project will create work and it will bless the people as we spread the Kingdom.

Land/Building Project

This is a special kind of giving. Your special giving will cause a special blessings to rest upon.


Other ways to give:

2.Use Cash.App


3. Bank Wire:

Bank detail :
United Bank of Africa PlC
Account number : 3000112713

Recipients address :
Post code 23401
Phone : 07060627344
Email :



When they arrived, Samuel saw Eliab and thought, “Surely YeHoVaH’s anointed stands here before YeHoVaH .”
But the YeHoVaH said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. YeHoVaH does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but YeHoVaH looks at the heart.”

Then Jesse called Abinadab and had him pass in front of Samuel. But Samuel said, “YeHoVaH has not chosen this one either.” Jesse then had Shammah pass by, but Samuel said, “Nor has YeHoVaH chosen this one.”  Jesse had seven of his sons pass before Samuel, but Samuel said to him, “YeHoVaH has not chosen these.”
So he asked Jesse, “Are these all the sons you have?” “There is still the youngest,” Jesse answered. “He is tending the sheep.” Samuel said, “Send for him; we will not sit down until he arrives.” So he sent for him and had him brought in. He was glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome features. Then YeHoVaH said, “Rise and anoint him; this is the one.” So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of YeHoVaH came powerfully upon David. Samuel then went to Ramah.”
” 1Samuel 16:6-13

I love the Cinderella story. One of its lessons is if we develop the right spirit of humility, no matter how remote and covered we are, one day YeHoVaH will lift us up. Looking at the story of David, he was least expected for kingship by his family. When Samuel asked, “Are these all the sons you have?”  David’s father response was,  “There is still the youngest,” “He is tending the sheep.”

The two words David’s father felt would disqualify David were the very words that qualified him,  “”the YOUNGEST and he is TENDING SHEEP.”” YeHoVaH is asking me to tell everyone listening or perhaps your are reading this message, if you feel insignificant, feel small, and people laugh at you that you are too young, and tending sheep because they think you are too feeble to be a warrior. Don’t be discourage, one day YeHoVaH will create an opportunity YOU ALONE FITS IN PERFECTLY.  Tending the sheep is no weakling, that career is not weakling, that small church is not weakling.
    One thing we must do when we at the backstage of life activity, and nobody attach importance to our lives is to keep the right heart (the heart that loves YeHoVaH) and humble heart. If our heart is right no matter where life hides us YeHoVaH will promote us. YeHoVaH found David, YeHoVaH will find you! That shoe is made for you alone, the enemy may try to hide it, but because its your turn, the devil has no voice over your enthronement.

Special Teaching from Resident pastor, House of Israel Lagos.

The Spirit of Generosity!

In this teaching Apostle Ndubuisi Eke is going to take you on a journey.

“How, while passing through great trouble, their boundless joy even amid their deep poverty has overflowed to increase their generous liberality” 2 Corinthians 8:2

The above verse is a reference to the Macedonian Church. It is church that will forever be remembered for their generous lifestyle. This church gave to help other churches even when they were facing extreme difficulty and poverty. The Macedonian Church, as a matter of fact they gave out of severe trial. They gave when the conditions was not conducive for them.

The Greek word ptōcheia makes clear the conditions of the Macedonian churches: In great trial of affliction, and in deep poverty.

It is a shocking story of the poor helping the poor. It is people seeing their poverty, not as a limitations to touch the heart of Elohim . It is a story of people giving up their one meal so that others can eat, it is a story of a church that is moved with what moves YeHoVaH.

Sometimes we hide under the canopy of not having enough. We complain that we cannot give because we DON’T have enough, but not the Macedonian. In extreme poverty (Greek:. ptōcheia), came forth rich generosity.

The Macedonian churches didn’t need a sermon to give, they didn’t need hype to give, they didn’t need a teaching that promises them that if they give $50 God will in return bless them with $500.

They saw their giving as a privilege of sharing in the service to the saints: “With earnest entreaty they begged from us the favour of being allowed to share in the service now being rendered to God’s people” 2 Corinthians 8:4

They begged to give!

Some of you reading this, your church have been begging you to give, yet you refuse. You are full of complains. You are using your financial difficulty as your excuse to withhold giving.

You can change today! Seek to be generous.

House of Israel Lagos

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