# 1 Rise Up Nigeria

Rise Up Nigeria and let the nation know you are my people called by me. Let no one tell you who you are. IAM YOUR ELOHIM! I AM your Father(Abba). I AM YOUR everything.  LISTEN to the truth I have brought you to hear. Know that my words are spoken thru him (Arthur).

I AM sending what you need tocomplete the Will I have for thisNation. You are a special people and Nation. I have heard your cries.LISTEN TO ME! LISTEN TO ME!STAND, STAND and STAND on mytruth and you will see THE MIGHTYHAND OF GOD in your life and through your Nation. Don’t be afraid to change because I AM with you through the changes and I willalways be with you.

“I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”. MY HEARTACHES for you Lagos and Nigeria. I yearn to be your Yehovah. I yearn to be in the midst of your Lives. I yearn to be your Abba Father.

I have searched for you throughout time. I have longed for your fellowship. Shema, Listen and obey what is about to be taught and delivered to you. You will know by the fruit you produce if you are obedient to my WORD!


Bring honor and praise and glory to MY NAME!

Your Yah (Yehovah)

Your Elohim!!!

#2 I Hear You

I HEAR YOU! I hear your cries and concerns Nigeria, don’t be swayed. I know your hearts. What I have promised I will fulfill! I AM your Elohim. I can do what man cannot see. I AM your Father who loves you dearly. Watch THE MIGHTY HANDS OF THE LORD in your life and nation. Know that I AM with you through it all. People may not believe what they see but you will because you are guided by MY SPIRIT and not the world. PRAISE ME, PRAISE ME, PRAISE ME because what you have longed for is here. Here for you to experience MY LOVE, MY PRESSENCE, MY POWER! Don’t be afraid. Test the Spirits and see if they line up with MY Word. I want to share with you My essence, My character, My Love. For when you find me, you will find yourself also. I LOVE YOU Lagos and Nigeria. You have a journey before you. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN to MY WORD and MY TRUTH. Don’t go back to your old ways. Stay with me and I will show you great and mighty works in your Nation. I will walk you through all the changes in this journey. I will give you strength like you have never seen before! Don’t turn right or left but stay on the journey I have set before you. I KNOW ALL THINGS and AM ALL THINGS from beginning to end! I LOVE YOU My Beautiful Nation Nigeria!!!! Yah (Yehovah)!!!!

# 3 You Are Framed By His Word Praying for Nigeria –

I hear HOLD ON, for I Am about to shake the foundations! I Am about to shake the foundations of your Life! But know that I Am with you through it. I will build the foundations of Nigeria that will never be moved by man. My Word goes forth and accomplishes what I have sent it to do. I LOVE ALL My CHILDREN, but my heart and eyes are special for those who obey My WORD and Commandments. Their lives will be changed forever and for eternity. I LOVE YOU NIGERIA! Let me show you MY LOVE. Not How the world shows its love, but how I show MY LOVE! You are a Special people, a Special nation! Don’t be afraid. For God does not give the Spirit of Fear, but of Power, Love, and a Sound mind. Know what these characteristics are, because they are Me – your Elohim. Know how to apply these principles to your life, because these are Me in your Life. I LOVE YOU NIGERIA! I will be with you through All the changes! You will see My MIGHTY HAND IN THE MIDST OF YOUR Life! I AM BUILDING NIGERIA into a HOLY NATION unto Me, for MY PURPOSE and MY KINGDOM!!! STAND, STAND, STAND, and See Me, SEE ME, SEE ME!!!!! Love Your Yah ( Yehovah)

Taking The True Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth