We need your urgent help!

The Kingdom Legacy Project Has taught me a plenty truth on faith and the favor of YeHoVaH. Indeed, the power of partnership and generosity is how Elohim does His work on the face of the earth. Truly, if there is a vision there is a provision through Elohim and his people .

Since we dedicate the Kingdom Legacy Project we have trained new disciples, held outdoors campaigns and record new attendance in every services. The Feast days have been a remarkable blessing. Not to mention the phenomenal miracles, signs and wonders.


We have been face with incessant flooding in the facility and this affecting our service and making the facility muddy . The heavy rain often struggle to flow out. This is why we need your help to interlock the whole building.

This is the idea of the interlocking we have in mind, this will enable us channel the waters accordingly . This has become urgent so the flood doesn’t damage the foundation of our building.


With the end of COVID 19 restrictions , international travel is now possible to Nigeria. Our international Guest will need to be able to utilize the HOI international Guest House. Apostle Eke and his family will be able to serve better don’t have to drive from out of town to the Sanctuary . Our mission require the decking of the Guest House . This is the current state of the Guest House. We need your help to complete it.


In the past months we have layed up $500 towards the painting of the Outdoor of the Sanctuary . Now we urgently need your support to raise the remainder of funds to finish the painting: the durability of this kingdom edifice requires is to move into painting now.

Saints, we have three urgent financial needs and we call upon our friends, partners and supporters of the Kingdom legacy project to complete these three vital aspect of work at the Kingdom Legacy Project.

Your contribution is appreciated!

If you are interested to help us please reach our goal fill out the form below to reach total need of $10000

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